Why Our Burn Treatment Is a Must for All Tracy, CA, Burn Patients

Burns are some of the worst injuries a person can experience and you don’t want to deal with their effects any longer than absolutely necessary. They can be caused by chemical and electrical accidents involving dry heat or wet heat like hot water. To attain relief, you’ll want to seek burn treatment in Tracy, CA, from board-certified physicians that can handle any of these. That’s why Tracy Urgent Care is here for patients of all ages 7 days a week. We handle the burn cases that are not quite emergency room-level but also can’t wait for a general practitioner.

When an accident happens, it’s often wise to come in immediately. Burns can get worse and easily become infected if left untreated at a proper medical center like Tracy Urgent Care. Even severe burns can be painless, so only a medical professional can tell how bad it is. These can lead to fluid loss, low body temperature, scars, and bone and joint problems. Contact our team right away to avoid these issues. We welcome patients day and night and even offer teleconference doctor appointments for those who prefer to interact virtually.