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When you need healthcare services in Tracy, CA, visit our clinic to get care as soon as possible. We understand that in some situations, you may experience symptoms or injuries that require immediate attention but are not life-threatening. In those cases, our clinic can offer comprehensive care.

While Tracy Urgent Care is not an emergency room, we specialize in providing patients with quick, responsive healthcare services. In critical circumstances, a hospital is better suited to treating your injury or illness. However, if you develop a fever or you slip and fall, our certified physicians can provide you with the care you need without the wait.

Committed to Our Patients

Check out what our satisfied patients have to say about our medical clinic. We pride ourselves on offering attentive and compassionate care, ensuring you receive the treatment you need. Additionally, our affordable services make healthcare much more cost-effective for everyone.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our healthcare services, or if you’d like to speak to a specialist. Tracy Urgent Care is dedicated to its patients, so you can feel confident that you’re in the most qualified hands. Read through the testimonials below to see why we’re the preferred choice among locals.


Was visiting family for a couple days in Tracy when I had an allergy-asthma attack that my regular prescription meds were not helping. I looked up on my insurance web site to find a local Urgent Care and this was the closest one.

I did a walk-in and when I got there, the doctor wasn’t in and would be back in about an hour, he was on a patient call that was at the hospital. I wasn’t gasping or coughing so could wait another hour and asked the receptionist if there was an appointment available in an hour, she said yes and put me in that time slot.

She suggested that we should go ahead and fill in all the paper work now so that when I return we wouldn’t have to take the time. I though that was a great idea.

So when I returned a few minutes before the appointment, I didn’t have to wait since paperwork was completed. I was taken in right one time, and only waited about 10 min for the doctor to see me in the exam room.

Dr Grewal was very personable and listened to all my concerns and suggestions before deciding what I needed to alleviate the symptoms. I didn’t feel like I was in a medical office factory where they schedule patients every 10 min or double book patients, so they physician rushes through the exam.

I’d give them more Stars if it weren’t for having to come back after an hour to be seen. Otherwise I thought everything was great.

Side note: From my experience, most Urgent Cares have a long waiting period of 30 to 60 minutes, I’ve waited 90 min at one that also does work related drug testing, on average anyways.

John S.
Alameda, CA

Let me just start by saying I work in the medical field and I despise going to the doctors, hospitals etc. I was forced to seek medical care when my son had sliced his toe open. Being that it was a Sunday evening and I was new to Tracy I went to Yelp. After reading reviews I decided to go to the ER. Ultimately I left the choice up to my son and he chose the urgent care. All 3 front desk staff made eye contact and greeted me. Registration was quick and the wait time was not bad at all. The nurse was kind and compassionate. My son came in with a difficult gash that required stitches. Dr Grewal was professional and to the point. He explained what and how he would treat the injury. The staff was kind until we left the office. We returned a week later the staff remembered who we were and again was kind and friendly. We had an appointment and we had bit of wait which I expected but was not unbearable.

It amazes me how people get so upset over waiting what do you expect you are at urgent care. There are wait times everywhere you go. You have patients that require more time than others, some sicker than others.

I only visit Yelp when looking for business names and locations. I do not use Yelp for reviews I feel dissatisfied customers are the only ones who have time to write a review and how do you trust they are valid.

My sons injury was months ago but I felt compelled to do my 1st Yelp review in hopes someone will see this over all the negative reviews. I would not hesitate to visit Tracy urgent care in the future. mock or even redo your bio. I think something

begin his medical residency in Stockton CA, which he completed in 1998.

Rachel P.
Newark, CA

I had a very bad cough/cold last week and I could not get an appointment with my regular doctor. I ended up going to Tracy Urgent Care to seek medical advice. Dr. Grewal was excellent and the entire staff very helpful. I only waited 15 minutes before the doctor came to see me. Dr. Grewal was very professional and addressed all my medical needs. I would highly recommend the clinic to everyone.

Rita D.

I just recently moved to Tracy because of my job and I was looking for a doctor because I was having abdominal pain that was getting worse. I searched up urgent cares in Tracy and found this clinic. I called the clinic and they said that they had no open appointments but were glad to take walk-ins. I decided to go to the urgent care because I could not handle the pain. I walked in and went up to the front desk. The staff was very welcoming and had me fill out all of the needed paperwork. I had to wait approximately half an hour and was taken in to see the doctor. I saw Dr. Grewal and he immediately knew what the problem was and explained to me in detail what exactly was wrong. He told me that my medical issue was not an emergency but needed to be dealt with quickly otherwise it could turn into a bigger problem. Dr. Grewal told me that I needed to get my blood work and ultrasound done as soon as possible. Right away his office staff contacted my insurance and got approval for the ultrasound and scheduled the appointment for the next morning. Since I was in pain, instead of me having to go to the lab, Dr. Grewal had his staff draw my blood in the clinic which was very convenient. The next day, after my ultrasound appointment, Dr. Grewal called me and went over my lab and ultrasound reports. He informed me that I had gaul stones and needed surgery. His office made an appointment for me to meet the surgeon. Within the next two days I was operated on and am now feeling much better. I would highly recommend going to this clinic due to the excellent care provided by both the staff and doctors. Although I was very nervous and scared walking into the office, Dr. Grewal helped assure me that I was going to be okay throughout the whole process. From now on I will only be visiting the Tracy Urgent Care

Sandy S

If you are looking for a PCP, I highly recommend Dr. Grewal at Tracy Urgent Care. I am a middle aged female who began having aches and pains all over my body and almost feeling like it was the flu only it wasn’t. This horrific feeling went on for over 6 months until a diagnosis was finally made. Each time I went and visited Dr. Grewal, he would patiently listen to me and order labs and x-rays as he saw fit. When I would return to see him, all labs and x-rays were normal. I began to think I was losing my mind. I wasn’t losing weight, all sorts of tests were done with normal results, but I knew I was in alot of pain and didn’t feel like I should.

Dr. Grewal finally said on a visit, “Susan, I believe you are hurting but I don’t know what is wrong with you, so I am going to send you to a rheumatologist.” He told me I would get a phone call with an appointment and the following day Yvonne called me with a date and time to see a specialist in Stockton. I now have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, a chronic painful condition in which their is no cure, only medications and knowing how to take care of yourself will keep the pain under control.

Dr. Grewal is an excellent physician, he could have said, Susan you are a middle aged woman with normal aches and pains. Go home and relax. He didn’t do that to me. Each time I went and may I say still do see him for a visit, he treats me kindly, listens to me, reassures me, and prescribes medication or tests as necessary. And because he was able to say, I believe your symptoms are not in your head but I don’t know what is wrong with you, I have a diagnosis and ongoing care to keep my pain at bay.

Lastly, Jennifer and Yvonne are always wonderful. When I ask Jennifer to help me with a question or problem for Dr. Grewal, she is on it. Hats off to Jennifer, she gets you a solution very quickly and with a smile on her face. And thanks to Yvonne for her quick turnover with insurance issues and appointments with specialists.

Thank you to Dr. Grewal and his staff for taking the time to care in this sometimes cold, callous world we all live in.

Susan S.
Tracy, CA

Went in early thinking it would be an all day event, but I was happy to have done so. Was greeted with a smile as I walked up to the desk and was given paperwork to complete took 15 minutes and I was in seeing the doctor.i was out within 30 minutes with my prescription and a sense of relief. The staff was wonderful and the doctor was very kind. I will recommend this place to all my family and friends.

Cassie S.
Tracy CA

Walked in without an appointment, didn’t know what to expect. Front desk was extremely helpful, I wasn’t too sure about my insurance info. They were patient and even helped me fill out the paperwork needed. Was seen fairly quickly. Doctors were nice and very courteous.

My injury was minor, as mentioned I didn’t know what to expect. Before going, I thought it was going to be a lot worse than what it was. I will definitely be returning if I need any other assistance with any health issues. I might even make the doctor my primary Doctor.

I most definitely recommend!!!

Ticallion S.
Tracy, CA

My wife was losing her ability to walk so I took her to Tracy Urgent Care. Dr. Grewal correctly diagnosed my wife condition and immediately sent us to the emergency room, as a result saved her life. We are indebted to Dr. Grewal and have always had a pleasant experience from the employees, staff, and doctors at Tracy Urgent Care. I recommend Tracy Urgent Care to anyone who wants an accurate diagnose, treatment, and is willing to hear the truth to correct your medical problem.

Michael H.
Manteca, CA