Occupational Health Services in Tracy, CA

Tracy Urgent Care provides first-class, convenient, and easily accessible occupational healthcare services in Tracy, CA. We treat work-related injuries affecting the industrial community of Tracy, and the surrounding area, with qualified staff and board-certified providers. We will provide your employees with fast and efficient care. Employees who feel supported in their recovery are more motivated to return to work. The goal of our medical center is to help all employees get healthy and back to work as soon as possible, whether it is in full or modified duty. First Aid, which is paid by the employer at the time of service or insurance-covered Workers Compensation care are available, depending on the level of injury.

At our health center in Tracy, CA, the patient always comes first, and we pledge to work hard to provide the level of care that everyone who relies on us expects and deserves. Most individuals need to work for a living, and it shouldn’t be a struggle to keep healthy while working. In some cases, though, it is the job itself that causes the problem through either injury or stress. We handle all manner of work-related injuries and conditions to ensure that our clientele can earn a steady paycheck without undergoing pain and suffering.

We can also provide Pre-employment and Commercial Driver Medical Certification exams. Urine drug testing and rapid urinalysis are available upon request from the employer.

These employer-related services are depended upon by workers and companies alike. By offering these, we can provide valuable assistance to both parties so that jobs are filled by health-qualified workers on whom these companies can depend.

We have a team of fully qualified physicians at our health center who are fully capable of delivering all of the occupational health services that our patients and their related companies expect. We feel that it is our duty to help our patients return to health as quickly as possible so they can continue to work and earn their full wages. If you are an injured worker looking for services, or an employer that requires testing of a potential employee, we are ready to help at any time.

Please completely fill out the forms linked on this page prior to sending your employee in to let us know exactly what tests you, the employer, are authorizing. If you have any questions, feel free to call Yvonne at 209-832-8067. The forms can also be faxed to 209-832-2210.


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